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Very good bus service in Mahé and Praslin (not expensive: 3 rupees, 5 after 20h), taxis, connections inter-islands by boat and plane. Cab from airport to Victoria downtown is 70 rupees. International flights by Air Seychelles and Air France (daily Paris-Mahé).
Cook with fish, rice, various vegetables and fruits. There are in Seychelles two of the most beautiful beaches in the world:
--- Anse Source d'Argent in La Digue & Anse Lazio in Praslin---
Even in full season you will may bath naked without being importuned (not the same than in Riviera). It is ideal place for diving with tuba or with bottles, multicoloured fish and corals are visible very close to the beaches. Large variety of birds and giant tortoises. Formality for the inhabitants of the European union: passport without visa with round trip ticket. To bring with you: sun oil and bathing suit, anti-mosquito aerosol, mask, palms and tuba. Beware with the electrical connectors of English type. Driving also English way(on the left). Shopping: cocofess (expensive), mother-of-pearl, coral, vanilla, grooves, curios… Kreol festival: main cultural event of the archipelago: last week of October. Restaurants and hotels are expensive: seychelles government prefer luxury turism; however informed routard can burst itself without problem in these islands of dream. There are some nice small guest-houses (I do here promotion for two of them). It is best to hold before coming, especially in full season (November-March).
Which is the best periode to go to Seychelles? October-November or April-May (few rains, clearness of sea-beds).

Since January 1 2008, tourists must pay in currencies in the whole of the restaurants including the restaurants of hotels. The payments for the following services must also be carried out in currencies: hiring of car, the ways inter-islandsby boat or plane, activities of fishing and diving, excursions suggested by the tour operators or travel agencies, hotels and any other type of residences (boarding houses…), entries in the reserves and parks maritime. So it is advised to change very little on arrival and carry from your country enough currency. The payments being done by credit card or in cash (euros or USD) it should be known that there do not exist distributors of cash in currencies in Seychelles. Payment in rupees on the other hand is authorized for transport by taxi, purchases in local shops. For any payment in cash, the currency will be exclusively returned in rupees. For this reasons, you have to prefer a payment by credit card.

Visas: not necessary if you stay less than 3 months.
Vaccination: none, no tropical illness, little risk about Dengue and Chikungunya.
Electricity: 220-240V, 50Htz, english G type plug.
Phone code: 248
International airport in Victoria.


Tourist Information Office
Independance House

PO BOX 1262
Mahé Island