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drapeau des seychelles
Seselwa flag

115 islands drifts in the Indian Ocean somewhere between Africa and India, north-west of Madagascar, five degrees south of the equator. Mahé Island, 27 km long, is the largest island in the Seychelles.
Aldabra is the biggest coral atoll in the world...

Seychelles were desert islands discovered by Portugese in 1502. Pirates den in the XVII century, colonised by French in 1756, they became british in 1814.
Independence from Britain came in 1976 june 29. SPPF(Seychelles People's Progressive Front, socialist) manages now the country.

About 80000 inhabitants, 25000 in Victoria, the capital on Mahé island.
90% Seychellois are catholic.
Most of them have african ancestors.
Official languages: Seselwa ( creol language, spoken by 95% people), english & french.
Seselwa is only language in primary school, later english.

Climate is tropical. No cyclone (but 2004 tsunami grazed seychelles coasts).Dry season: may to october. Temperatures : 74-78 degree Fahrenheit. Water temp: 77°-78°
Rainy season: november-april. Temps : 75°-88° . Water temp: 80°
Time zone: GMT+3 in winter, +2 in summer.
Sun rise 6h, sun set 18h.